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Andersen Bakery


Okay, let’s face it: there are easier and perhaps better places in the world to find bread than Japan, but if you are one of those bread fanatics like we are (we are talking to you Europeans!) then Andersen bakery will soon become one of your main go-to places for crispy delciousness. Unlike most bakeries in Tokyo which sell soft, sweet and artificial breads, Andersen has a small but solid selection of multi-grain, rye and dark breads which offer a long needed break from the white-bread environment that is Japan. While we found that not all branches offer the same selctions of bread, you can find Andersen around many of Tokyo’s main stations, our favourite branch however being the one in Ikebukuro Station B1F.

Our favorite breads:
Multi-grain bread (see photo) whole ¥756,  half¥378
Three-cereal bread (see photo) whole ¥713,  half¥357





Ikebukuro Station B1F
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Tokyu Shibuya B1F
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Shinjuku Isetan B1F
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Atre Ueno Station 1F
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Tokyo Station South Court 1F
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