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Dans Dix Ans Bakery | Kichijoji


Hidden in the basement level of a side street in Kichijoji, Dans Dix Ans is not exactly the kind of bakery you will just stumble upn, but you will understand from its weekend bread-hungry queue of people that this shop is the first destination for Kichijoji’s bread connoisseurs. A remarkable selection of freshly baked, sourdough, whole grain and non-wheat grain bread types make this bakery a pleasure for anyone seeking refuge from Japan’s ubiquitous sugary, soft bread. The stylish little bakery with a glass wall dividing the bakehoues and shop, allows customers to witness the breadmaking process while staff will collect your desired breads for you.

Our recommended breads:
パン・オ・ノワ  Walnut Bread Small¥420
ニーム Wholegrain Spelt and Wheat Bread Big¥640, Small¥320
100%全粒粉カンパーニュ Wholegrain Bread Loaf Big¥1200, 1/2¥600, 1/4 ¥300



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︎B1F, 2-28-2 Kichijoji Honcho,
Musashino-shi, Tokyo

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closed on Saturdays, Sundays

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