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Golden Gai | Shinjuku


Probably Tokyo’s most famous “backstreet alley” neighbourhood, Shinjuku Golden Gai has survived the city’s redevelopment craze and is one of the last places where you can experience the gritty, post-war buzz of Tokyo’s local nightlife.  Located in the infamous Kabukicho amusement district, there are around 200 tiny little bars cramped into just a few narrow streets, making this district a one-of-a-kind place enjoy an authentic but slowly disappearing culture. Note that a lot of the bars in Golden Gai have a cover charge per person, and that some establishments only welcome regular customers. If you don’t feel comfortable with your Japanese, look for those bars that have English signs outside their door, as they will definitely welcome tourists and foreign customers. If you are a bit more adventurous try one of the themed bars in Golden Gai which make for an even more unique experience on your night out. Bars that have been recommended by foreign customers are Kenzo’s Bar, Bar Darling (especially female friendly), Albatross, Bitter Orange, Happy, Asyl (no cover charge), Black Sun (Jazz),...





1-1-6 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
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