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Gomaya Kuki | Omotesando

ごまや くき

Few flavors of the Japanese cuisine are more beloved amongst locals and foreigners alike than sesame. Recently opened in 2018, Gomaya Kuki is taking the concept of sesame to whole new level, offering what might just be the world’s strongest sesame ice cream, in dark and light versions as well as other intriguing variations such as salted sesame and chunky multigrain. Sesame connoisseurs might want to go for the complete 6-flavor sampling set or venture for the sesame ice cream tempura. Buon Appétit!

¥550 for two flavors, ¥1500 for 6-flavor sample set

Images via Gomaya Kuki





︎4-26-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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