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Kawaii Monster Café | Harajuku

Brainchild of art director Sebastian Matsuda who is also the founder of 6%DOKIDOKI and associated with Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the Kawaii Monster Café took Tokyo by storm after its opening in 2015. While we love the tables in the main room’s “Mushroom Disco”, there are three other themed areas: “Milk Stand”, “Bar Experiment” and “Mel-Tea Room” each over-the-top kawaii in its own way.  It’s hard to decide which one of the eye-popping dishes and drinks to order but everything we’ve had was not just beautifully arranged but also surprisingly delicious (our favourite being the rainbow pasta). Enjoy one of the regular shows on the merry-go-round stage while you indulge in your meal and emerge into this overkill of Harajuku-madness. One of the highlights of this café has to be the iconic “Monster Girls”, who are moving works of art themselves, guiding you through this unique experience with their shrill voices. Note that the Kawaii Monster Café can be extremely busy during weekends and holiday periods, so be sure to arrive early or reserve a seat in advance. 





︎YM square building 4F,4-31-10, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
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Mondays to Saturdays
Lunch time 11:30-16:30
Dinner time 18:00-22:30

Sundays and Holidays

Price Category


500 yen table charge per person (free for lunchtime with a Kawaii Monster Point Car
Photos by Sybilla Patrizia and Kawaii Monster Café

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