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Kuriya Kashi Kurogi | Northern Tokyo

廚 菓子 くろぎ

Located in the stunning Daiwa Ubiquitous Research Building designed by famed architect Kengo Kuma, Kuriya Kashi Kurogi is the sister café to restaurant Kurogi, run by former iron chef master Jun Kurogi. At Kuriya Kashi Kurogi, expect nothing less than traditional, made-to-order, artisan confectionaries and desserts, ranging from classics such as warabi mochi (mochi covered in kinako and brown sugar syrup), kakigori (shaved ice) and kuzu-kiri (sweet, starchy noodles) to Kurogi’s own creations such as milky salt ice cream. Paired with a speciality coffee from Ebisu-based Sarutahiko Coffee, this is perhaps one of the best places to indulge in luxuriously prepared traditional Japanese wagashi surrounded by modern architecture.

Note: Be prepared to wait in line during busy periods such as weekends, holidays and the summer season.

Kakigori + Coffe Set ¥2200
Two Wagashi + Matcha Set ¥1900

Images via Kuriya Kashi Kurogi (unless otherwise stated)





︎Daiwa Ubiquitous Research Building 1F, University of Tokyo,
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

︎ 03-5802-5577
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