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Pancakes at Banks Café | Shibuya

Located only minutes from Shibuya Station’s New South Exit, Banks Café (formerly known as Scotchbank Café) serves up some of the softest, melt-in-you-mouth pancakes you can find in this pancake-crazy city. Banks specializes in the art of souffle-pancake making,  which uses heaps of mascarpone cheese to achieve the unbelievably fluffy and silky texture they are known for. In fact, Banks’ pancakes are so soft, you’ll need a spoon to eat them rather than a fork. While we just love all the pancake offered on their menu, the banana-caramel, crème brûlée and tiramisu versions have especially caught our attention. 

As with all pancake cafés in Tokyo, be prepared to arrive earlier than your desired seating time, as the line in front of this establishment can get frustratingly long, especially on the weekend. Banks also doesn’t accept reservations for the hours when their fluffy pancakes are served so plan ahead before indulging into this soft deliciousness.  

Note: pancakes are only served during certain times (see pancake time for more info) and that the fluffy delicacies can sell out before closing time.

Images by Banks Café





︎3-26-17 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

︎Google Maps

Pancake Time

14:oo~17:3o (L.O 16:5o) 
11:oo~17:oo (L.O 16:2o) 
Sun, Holiday:
11:oo~19:oo (L.O 18:20)

For opening times of the non-pancake hours please visit their website above.

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