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Halloween in Shibuya


Being only a recent import into Japanese culture, Halloween has hit the capital like a bomb, and is now seemingly one of the biggest (note: unofficial) events in the city. For the most impressive extravaganza, head to Shibuya on the night of the 31st and witness a crowd of hundreds of thousands, dressed in some of the most spectacular and elaborate costumes (this is the land of cosplay after all), gathering for the biggest street party of the year. 

This is certainly not an event for the faint-hearted (or those who dislike large crowds) but rest assured that this event, while unorganized, is still a safe and super fun experience. For the photographers among you -look forward to capturing the young Tokyo crowd at its most creative and outgoing. Happy Halloween! 

Note: Since 2019, drinking on some streets around Shibuya station has been banned, so be sure to check for signs when you are out partying and want to drink outside.



31st of October and the weekend preceding it


︎Around Shibuya Station/ Shibuya Crossing
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