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Liberty Vintage Shop | Oji

リバティ鑑定倶楽部 買取専門店

Located in Tokyo’s Northern Oji district, this vintage clothing and gaming shop will let all retro lovers’ hearts beat faster. With a good selection of card games, playstation and xbox games as well as old nintendo and other retro consoles in stock, this shop can more than just keep up with Akihabara’s most famous gaming stores. There are also regular meet-ups for those wishing to test their card gaming skills, but beware that those without some basic knowledge of Japanese might find it hard to communicate with the other players.  

Moving on to the second floor of this vintage wonderland you will be surprised to find a big selection of vintage clothes for women and men, some of which go for as cheap as 300 yen per piece. There are also some more expensive brand items on offer for those trying to find a sold-out pair of Yeezys or other high-end pieces, but beware that you will be spending more than just a couple of bucks for those. 

Several times a year Liberty has special sales making some of their cheap items even cheaper - so look out for up-to-date information on their website.





︎2nd Floor, 1-14-4 Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo
︎ 0120-954-817

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