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Meet the Geishas of Tokyo 

Oedo Vaudeville Show and Traditional Geisha Dance


When the most famous geisha of Tokyo gather for one night a year - enthusiasts and admirers from well-beyond the capital flock to the National Theatre for a magical performance of a lifetime. Stemming from Tokyo’s six most renown geisha districts - Akasaka, Shimbashi, Asakusa, Kagurazaka, Yoshicho and Mukojima - these geisha do not only enchant viewers with their beautifully crafted kimonos, makeup, hair and fascinating performances, but they also embody a part of Japanese history, one that seems to be slowly fading away. 

The geishas’ performance is preceeded by an hour-long show of vaudeville performers, such as Japanese story tellers, paper cutting artists or acrobats, some of which are stellar, some just mediocre.

Be sure to make your way to the entrance hall during the 20-min performance break where some of the geisha will gather to play a very fun and entertaining game with visitors. Also, be sure to stay until the end of the performance (which is 3h long) as you don’t want to miss the highlight of the show: A stunning lantern dance of all the geisha.

Note: If you don’t manage to get any tickets in the advance sale don’t despair - there are same-day tickets available for the wonderful 3rd floor gallery from which one has perhaps an even better view than from the more expensive 1st floor seats. Be sure to arrive before the 2pm sale start to grab one of these last remaining tickets on the day. 

Free English audio guide available during the show



Sunday, 1st of September 2019


︎National Theatre Japan, Large Theatre
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Price Category

Category S: ¥5,000
Category A: ¥4,000
Category A (Students): ¥2,000
3rd floor same-day tickets: Adults¥1,000, Students ¥500

Online ticket sale starting from July

Same-day ticket sale starts 1st of September, 2pm at the venue



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