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Sashya Kanetanaka | Omotesando

茶洒 金田中

Hidden on the back side of Oak Omotesando, housing such grand names as Coach, Armani and Nespresso, Sashya Kenatanaka provides a well-deserved break from the crowds of downtown Tokyo. When you approach Kanetanaka, the narrow pathway leads along a neat little bamboo, stone and moss garden which provides the soothing background that becomes the over-arching theme of this oasis.

Kanetanaka specializes in traditional Japanese tea, sweets and multi-course kaiseki meals which take guests on a journey through Japan’s many seasons and flavors. The kaiseki courses which can include soups, sashimi, grilled meat and fish, rice and sweets speak of the craftsmanship, patience and creativity that goes into the preparation of each meal. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks on one of the lunch or dinner courses, we recommend Kanetanaka for a beautiful afternoon tea and sweet set which will surely reboot your energy during a day in Omotesando. 

Lunch course: ¥2,800
Dinner course: ¥5,000 or ¥8,000
Wagashi (sweets) starting from ¥700
Tea starting from ¥1,000

Images courtesy of Ikumi Chan





︎Oak Omotesando 2F, Kita-Aoyama 3-6-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
︎ 03-6450-5116

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