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Shibuya Stream | Shibuya


Opened in 2018 under big fanfare, Shibuya Stream is a much-loved addition to the bustling entertainment district of Shibuya and part of its grand revamping, which has started with the completion of Shibuya Hikarie in 2012 and will conclude with the total overhaul of Shibuya Station Square in 2027. Previously, Shibuya river was one of many streams in Tokyo that were hastily entombed in concrete to make way for development ahead of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, now city developers have started to reverse some of the damage done in the past, returning waterways and green environments back to our concrete city.

Shibuya Stream lies Southeast of Shibuya Station, in an area less crowded and more relaxed than the busy northern side of the station, and also creates an excellent connection for exploring nearby fashionable Daikanyama (see our guide here). The cafés and restaurants next to the river offer an almost European-esque, dining option - outdoors and riverside - which is rarely found in Tokyo. Upstairs, more sleek eateries await for those wishing to stretch their legs after a busy day of exploring Shibuya, with coffeshops, Japanese, Thai, Italian and many more culinary options available.





︎3-21-3, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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open 24/7, restaurant opening hours vary

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