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Outer Market

︎Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line), Tsukijishijo Station (Oedo Line), Shintomicho Station (Yurakucho Line)
︎Tsukiji Outer Market Google Maps
︎Best days to visit: morning or lunch
︎Closed Sundays, national holidays and after lunchtime
︎Time needed: 2-3 hours 


  • Sushi
  • Chirashizushi Bowl (Raw fish or seafood on top of sushi rice)
  • Grilled oysters or scallops
  • Tamagoyaki (Rolled Egg Omelette)
  • Seafood Tempura
  • Strawberry Daifuku (Mochi with sweet filling and fresh strawberry)
  • Matcha latte or matcha soft serve

        Even though Tsukiji’s inner market, legendary for its grand tuna auctions, was moved to Toyosu in October 2018, Tsukiji’s outer market is still very much bustling with shops, restaurants and stalls selling some of Tokyo’s freshest sushi, grilled seafood and other delicacies, making it pehaps Tokyo’s best food market experience. You can opt for an early sushi breakfast (some restaurants here open as early as 5am) or get in a bit later for lunch, but be sure to arrive early as most stalls and eateries close their doors around or just after lunchtime.

         It’s hard to say which restaurants in Tsukiji are really the best, and many guides claim to know exactly which places are no. 1 for Sushi or no. 1 for Tamagoyaki, but let’s be honest: It’s probably hard to find a food stall or restaurant in Tsukiji that isn’t good. Since fresh fish is delivered daily from the new Toyosu fish market, you are pretty much guaranteed to get your hands on some of Tokyo’s best fish and seafood, so walk around and indulge in as many of Tsukiji’s delicacies your stomach can handle. 

A few food recommendations to get you started:
  • Sushi (of course)
  • Chirashizushi (Bowl of sushi rice topped with raw fish or seafood)
  • Grilled oysters or scallops
  • Tamagoyaki (Rolled Egg Omelette)
  • Seafood Tempura

        Now that you’ve filled your tommy with the ocean’s bounty, it’s time for dessert, and oh Tsukiji does not disappoint.

Start with some glorious Strawberry Daifuku (300yen for one) at Soratsuki (we recommend the custard version), continue with buttery-soft warabi mochi (250yen for a stick of three), an artisan matcha latte (500yen) at Matcha Stand Maruni, soft serve ice cream or a skewer of fresh fruit.

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