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Fabric Town
Area Guide


︎ Nippori Fabric Town Website
︎Nippori Station (JR Yamanote Line)
︎Google Maps
︎Best days to visit: Monday-Saturday
(many stores are closed on Sunday)
︎Time needed: half a day


        Being home to pretty much any specialized neighboorhood imaginable, such as the famed Akihabara electronic town, Kappabashi kitchenware town and Jimbocho vintage book town, it is really no surprise that Tokyo also boasts its very own area dedicated to nothing but textiles.

Nippori Fabric Town lies in a quiet part of Nippori, just east  of the Yamanote Line station and makes for just as exciting of an adventure for fabric aficionados, as it does for most of us non-connoisseurs. With over 90 shops (see a full map here) selling anything from fabrics, leather, buttons, zippers, beads - you name it - Nippori Fabric Town has established itself as a hotspot for Tokyo’s textile lovers over the past century and is an ideal place to get some inspiration for your next creative endeavor.

        Start your journey through Nippori Fabric Town by making your way up the central street (Chuo-dori) that runs towards the east of Nippori Station and you’ll soon notice the yellow signs that mark the beginning of textile heaven. 

Tomato is perhaps the neighbourhood’s most famous and easily most recognizable establishment, boasting several shops along the main street and a main building that stretches over a whopping five floors. Each of Tomato’s stores is dedicated to slightly different types of fabrics including textiles for interiors, a shop dedicated to sewing kits and even an outlet where can have your very own fabric designs printed

        Lovers of Japanese-pattern textiles will want to make a stop at Mihama and Tsukiyasu which both sell hundreds of fabrics in various Japanese patterns for Japanese-style garments, souvenirs or even wall-art pieces. 

Like Tomato, And Leather is also divided into several shops, although smaller, where you can find not just leather pieces but also leather-related accessories and even kits to make your very own, custom-made leather goods.

Maki Ito is a quirky little shop that sells custom-cut leather and fur products of many kinds, while also offering a repair service for clothing and accessories such as leather jackets, bags, fur coats, scarves etc. The shop is easy to miss, so look out for the street displays of buttons, metal accessories and leather pieces that mark the entrance of the shop.

        If it’s colorful buttons, badges and beads you are after, then head to NIPPORIOMARU and On-travelling which sell a plethora of sewing accessories you cannot miss. NIPPORIOMARU’s rainbow walls of beads are arranged like a vintage candy store, while On-Travelling sells many cute sewing accessories that will make kawaii lovers’ hearts beat faster.

Make your way down further on the main street, which will slowly start to quiet down, and discover more local gems such as humongous, which sells woodblock-printed fabrics, or Yasuda Shoten which specializes in hemp textiles. 

On your way back towards Nippori Station, be sure to make your final stop at Momo, a hip store selling many original fabrics made from natural materials such as hemp, linen, silk and cotton which do not just feel, but also simply look good. 

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